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Social service that allows to track your karma score. You can send "karma" points to your friends for positive actions, and subtract them for the negative ones. Encourage and promote positive exchanges between you and your friends and find out the most "positive" city in the world.

Screenshot of iPhone App
Screenshot of Android App

Product Idea and Opportunities


Very simple but fun idea to play around with mobile app development and later with Fase framework. Please forgive lack of any design.

Opportunity for Internet Unified Reputation

Lot's of websites have reputation systems like "karma" points, for example, HackerNews, ProductHunt, Reddit, StackOverflow. KarmaCounter can provide APIs and integrations to earn and share reputation across services and real world.

Opportunity for Real World Small Gifts

Along with "karma" points add ability to send cup of coffee or another small gift. Currently "I own cup of coffee" is difficult to fulfill.

Opportunity for Karma Challenges

Give users karma challenges for day, week and month like fitness apps and watches do. Track karma performance and give users updates.


If someone interested in collaboration, becoming a co-founder or taking over the project, please contact.